TikTok Trendsetter Awards - Vanh-tran

Vinh Tran

University student (IT Major) / Tiktok Mentor

Vinh Tran is a sophomore majoring in Information Technology at HUTECH University in Vietnam. However, he isn't just your average university student. With his youthful energy and great sense of humour, Vinh has become a popular TikTok creator having made many videos that are loved by audiences all over TikTok and in Vietnam.

Additionally, Vinh has become a TikTok mentor who teaches people how to create professional TikTok videos. His strong passion for technology is one of the main reasons why he became a mentor. At the start of 2020, when Tiktok became popular in Vietnam, there were many people who wanted to use Tiktok. However, they did not know how to edit and use the effects/filters to make videos like famous Tiktok creators. Realising this, Vinh who already had vast technological knowledge, created videos that showed people how to use effects and filters on Tiktok and create their own high-quality TikTok content.

As his unexpected popularity continues to grow, Vinh continues to strive to improve himself and his content. And though his popularity was unexpected, he still appreciates the opportunities that came with it. He also loves and treasures every one of his fans very much.

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