TikTok Trendsetter Awards - Steven-ang

Steven Ang

TikTok Creator

It all started with one platform, one video, and one passionate heart. TikTok Creator Steven has always been a great fan of computer graphics and special effects. In 2018, he began his journey on TikTok and just like the others, he started off by doing what everyone else did. However, he soon realised that it wasn’t his forte and so, he came up with the idea of combining special effects with the latest trends. It wasn’t easy at first but after a year of hard work and dedication, his first video with a million views was born. Ever since then, things went uphill in his career. He was not only invited to do interviews with radio stations like MYFM—one of Malaysia's leading Chinese radio stations—but he also started to win various competitions. Nowadays, apart from working his day job and enjoying his hobby of videography, Steven also spends much of his time guiding and influencing other youngsters to unleash their creativity on TikTok.

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