TikTok Trendsetter Awards - Rifki-antariksa

Rifki Antariksa

Lifestyle and Travel Photographer

Rifki Antariksa is a lifestyle and travel photographer who is currently based in Jakarta. Rifki’s talents lie in photography, videography and editing. His unique perspective is quite famous in the industry and is evident through his fresh photoshoots done from the comfort of his home during lockdown. He’s inspired youth all over TikTok by sharing informative content on photo editing and photography ideas. He strongly believes that everyone can create admirable pictures while making memorable stories with new people and/or their own loved ones.

Growing up in the capital of Indonesia never stopped him from travelling outside the city to other parts of the country and even the world. As both travel and photography are a big part of his life, Rifki goes from one place to another with his camera, shooting everything from beautiful landscapes to other places with gorgeous aesthetics.

To Rifki, photography and storytelling are key elements that he emphasises on in his work. He believes that the moments in between matter the most and that there no bad trips because there’s always an amazing story and lesson to take away from it. He captures those in-between moments in his pictures, each of which tell of a different story and memory, serving as a reminder for moments that might be forgotten otherwise.

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