TikTok Trendsetter Awards - Patrick-kun

Patrick Kun

Magician / Illusion Designer

Magician Patrick Kun’s gift for startling illusions has taken him all over the globe. With numerous international television appearances, residencies in Las Vegas, and consultation work with major brands, he has established himself as one of the finest sleight of hand magicians in the world.

Officially launching his career in Las Vegas in 2011, he worked as a magic consultant for the legendary David Copperfield and became intimately acquainted with the art of creating illusions. Word of his talent spread fast and Patrick quickly found himself in high demand. He was sought out to contribute to many magic television shows like “The Amazing Magicians”, the #1 magic completion show in China.

In 2020, Patrick relocated to Thailand and became an instant sensation. His modern style of magic has excited audiences across the nation. He has even been hired by several luxury brands to create new magical experiences for their events.

The key to Patrick’s success as a performer lies in his genuine love of bringing happiness and wonder to audiences. Describing his style as ‘CGI in person,’ his magic speaks for itself. “I love performing close-up magic with people,” he explains. “It allows them to experience magic right under their nose.”

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