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Best practices Experimenting on the platform

Experimenting on
the platform

TikTok makes content creation super simple by providing you with all the tools you need to quickly create, deploy, measure, and iterate content. TikTok is made for experimentation.

Ensure that the content you are creating engages your target audience, while also fulfilling your own brand guidelines.

  1. Keep your content easily recognisable. Use formats and effects on TikTok that are in line with your own brand guidelines. See how you can take existing trends and content, and give it your own brand spin.
  2. Use different formats. TopView is the first thing everyone sees when they login to the app. Make sure your content is impactful, by using sounds, clever transitions, effects, unique filters, or more.
  3. In-Feed Ads are highly targeted, so use these formats to speak to your target audience directly about your brand.
  4. Hashtag Challenges allow your audience to take your content and make it their own. Keep the content easily replicable, allowing space for variations so users can create something new without losing your main brand communication.
  5. Branded Effects help users to directly interact with your brand. Keep the effects simple, unique, and delightful. Do not overwhelm the screen with your brand, let the user shine through the effect.

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