TikTok Trendsetter Awards - Engaging_community
Best practices Engaging with the community

Engaging with the community

TikTok is powered by the community. They popularise trends, participate in and grow the hashtag challenges, and drive engagement and viewership of content. They expect to be engaged by both brands and creators alike, and want avenues and opportunities to engage with the content they choose to consume. Static consumption is not enough for them.

Develop a creative and engaging storyline around your communication objective and make sure you hit your main message in the first three seconds of the video to capture attention. This way, you can activate user engagement immediately by using formats and effects fit for your purpose, such as:

  • Duets
  • Hashtag challenges
  • Audio tracks and voiceovers of existing trends
  • Songs and music to drive dances, nostalgia, or more
  • Clear call-to-actions so users know exactly what is asked of them after viewing the content
  • Working with relevant creators that speak to your audience with the appropriate tone for your brand communication

The simpler you can keep it, the easier it is for users to understand and make your content their own. Remember to be organic, authentic, and less intrusive. Enhance the community's experience of using TikTok through fun, uplifting, and light-hearted messages.

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