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Engaging influencers

Creators inspire the TikTok community with their creativity, speaking to millions every day. They dominate popular culture with their dances, unique use of effects, content topics, trends, and more. If it starts on TikTok, it starts with our creators. Creators also help content transcend their usual limitations, by raising the bar for views, engagements, and spillover into other media.

TikTok empowers everyone to be a creator directly from their smartphones and influencer marketing is playing an ever increasing role in brand marketing plans. The platform has a variety of creators, speaking to a local, regional, or international audience, who can help you tell your brand story.

Use the Creator Marketplace to identify creators who are most relevant to your brand and campaign objectives. Do not pick creators to collaborate with simply on their reach. Understand their own brand, the kind of content they create, the tone of their content, how often they post, who their audience is, and what makes them so special. Find the creators that will enhance your brand's message and empower them to speak to their audience on behalf of your brand. Creators can help to quickly build trust and increase efficiency when marketing on TikTok.

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