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Best practices Authenticity in Short-form video

Authenticity in
Short-form video

TikTok's audience is digitally native. Users are savvy, understand online content, and are increasingly sophisticated. They are not interested in watching insincere content and/or content that does not speak to them. Authenticity online has become the currency of attention.

Creating authentic content for TikTok is easy, as the platform encourages and promotes exactly that:

  1. Remember to create bespoke content for TikTok, and not repurpose content from other mediums.
  2. Tap into how people are feeling and use the right tone.
  3. Embrace your flaws. The community enjoys and encourages 'flawsome' content. Having a polished piece of content is great, but don't polish away the authenticity.
  4. Localise for every market/audience you are targeting. Trends move quickly and what is relevant for one is not relevant for all.
  5. Use creators smartly. Don't work with creators purely on their reach. Understand their content style, tone, persona, image, and user expectation, and analyse if they can be the bridge between your brand and your target audience.
  6. Users expect to be engaged with. They also have strong values. Use your brand and content to speak to viewers about topics and issues they value most—whether it is social, environmental, technological, creative, or personal.

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