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You've joined every award show out there, but not one like this. Here, we challenge you to unbox your creativity with TikTok and stand out from the other agencies. You could win up to USD40,000 worth of ad credits.


For teams of up to 4

If you are a team of marketers, creatives, and advertisers working together in an agency, then we want you! Use the freedom that TikTok empowers you with to unleash your creativity!

Check out the briefs below to get started.

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The Briefs

What we need your help to solve

& Local
Plan a conversion campaign to build trust in the brand
& Local
Plan a new luxury collection launch campaign to connect with younger audiences
& Local
Plan a launch campaign to increase consideration for an electric car
& Local
Plan a conversion campaign to increase awareness on the benefits of switching to 5G


Organic Content

Reach your audiences with content that sits natively and naturally within TikTok

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Authenticity in

Short-form Video

Be authentic. Audiences can tell if you aren't.

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Engaging with

the Community

Don't just sell. Have a conversation with your audience.

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Experimenting on

the Platform

TikTok is made for experimentation. What can you do here that you can't elsewhere?

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Understand the impact of influencers, and empower them to take your message to the next level.

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Cinematic Content

on TikTok

Go beyond what you ever thought possible on a smartphone screen.

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Gain fame, glory, and prizes galore

Join now and stand a chance to win these exciting prizes*

Incentive Trip to

Cannes Lions 2021



Ad Credits



Ad Credits

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Who to impress

Dianchen Yao

Head of Client Solutions Southeast Asia, TikTok

Read bio

Katie Puris

Managing Director of Global Business Marketing, TikTok

Read bio

Ng Chew Wee

Head of Business Marketing Southeast Asia, TikTok

Read bio

Nguyen Dinh Toan

Executive Vice President of Marketing, Suntory Pepsico Vietnam

Read bio

Roberto Saputra

Chief Brand Officer, Smartfren Telecom

Read bio

Sutirapan Sakkawatra

EVP Head of Marketing, Siam Commercial Bank

Read bio

Jeff Cheong

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DDB Group Singapore), President (Tribal Worldwide Asia)

Read bio

Maryzyle Fernandez Galinato

Group Creative Director, Hakuhodo Saigon Vietnam

Read bio

Sompat Trisadikun

Chief Creative Officer, The Leo Burnett Group Thailand and Publicis Group Thailand

Read bio

Tay Guan Hin

Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Singapore

Read bio

Pingkan Rarumangkay

Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Indonesia

Read bio

Lee Yik Keat

Photographer / Filmmaker

Read bio

Patrick Kun

Magician / Illusion Designer

Read bio

Rifki Antariksa

Lifestyle and Travel Photographer

Read bio

Steven Ang

TikTok Creator

Read bio

Vinh Tran

University student (IT Major) / Tiktok Mentor

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Key Dates

  • 9 November 2020Entries open

  • 15 January 2021Entries close


Answers to the burning questions you might have

The TikTok Trendsetter Awards are open to all. There are no age limits and you do not have to be employed.
Any content that promotes, advertises, or displays alcoholic beverages, intoxicating drinks, cigarette/tobacco products, gambling/lotteries, pharmaceutical/medicinal products, health facilities, medical devices, psychotropic substances, animal feed, games of chance, food and activities that are not in accordance with the law; disturbing, offensive, defamatory, harassing, threatening, full of bigotry, hatred, violent, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, or in any other way violating or harming or having a possibility to injure any person or entity, whether the material is protected by law or not; unethical submissions that are made by violating a rule to gain an unfair advantage in, or that are using fraud to win; and/or fake news and unfounded claims, will not be tolerated. Such entries will be disqualified immediately.
No entry fee is required.
For the Individuals category, only one participant is allowed per entry.

For the Agencies category, teams of up to four people (min. 2 people) can join per entry.
Yes, all participants in a team have to be employed by the same company.
Yes, you may submit more than one entry per category—there is no limit on the number of submissions you enter. To submit another entry, participants will need to repeat the submission procedure.


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